Are you a professional (or aspiring professional!) photographer who wants to take your work to the next level? I offer long-distance mentoring for photographers outside of Arizona.

Here is what some of my wonderful students have to say...

The very first time I saw Jessica's work I knew I just had to talk to her. There are so many workshops and mentorships out there whose teachers might know a lot, but their work is less than stellar. As a professional photographer myself, I am always on the lookout for mentors whose work stops you in your tracks. These are the photographers I want to learn from. Not only is Jessica's work incredible, but as a mentor she is second to none. Her kindness, patience and nonjudgmental nature made me feel right at home, and the knowledge I gained took my business to the next level. I recommend her with all of my heart.
-Michelle Gardella, Wethersfield, CT

Jessica's work is what first drew me to ask, "How does she do it?" From the first moment I contacted her, she was friendly, open, accessible, knowledgeable, and willing to share. My mentoring sessions with Jessica were very informative - filled with information that I can actually put to work. Her critique of my work was constructive - giving me direction and insight into what would make my work stand out. I appreciate her willingness to answer any questions that I had and her challenges for me to try things and to look at my finished images in different ways. She is a great resource for information on all aspects of the photography business world. I highly recommend Jessica's mentoring sessions to photog enthusists and pros alike. Thanks Jessica!
-Melanie Fitzgerald, Meridian, ID

This was the year I wanted to take my photography business to the next level and Jessica has been able to assist me with doing just that. She has been knowledgeable, available and experienced. Her willingness to share her photography expertise has been absolutely invaluable; it's like having my own personal tutor. She has valuable photography business ideas and a creative eye. She has been through it all and has answered all my questions promptly and in great detail. I am truly honored by this opportunity to learn from Jessica and it would be a delight to meet her in person one day!
-Starr Mercer, Oxbow, Saskatchewan, Canada

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