So you own a big camera but are still using it like your old point-and-shoot?
Don't be intimidated by your DSLR!!!  Come join me for a day.
We'll have so much fun and you'll learn more than you thought possible!

This class will teach you how to shoot comfortably
in manual mode where you have
complete creative control
and can use your camera to its full potential!

At this workshop you'll learn all about
camera settings, exposure, aperture, shutter speed,
iso, focusing techniques, lighting, composition and more.
And you'll get to practice this new knowledge
during a styled photo shoot with Jessica!

January 28th, 2012
9:30am to 4:30pm (ish)
location - Chandler, AZ
$95 workshop fee
snacks and lunch provided
email to enroll -
fee payment will secure your spot

***For the Snap Happy workshop, I strongly recommend you have this lens if you use Canon.  Or this one if you use Nikon. If you have questions about any other lenses, please feel free to contact me.***

This class is not intended for professional photographers. This is a basic class that covers the fundamentals of photography. If you are a professional photographer who would like to learn more about what makes Sierra Studios what it is, please see the mentoring page of this blog.

Here is a tiny taste of the awesomeness you can expect from the workshop...

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